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As a museum professional, you're constantly grappling with challenges - engaging visitors in innovative ways, staying relevant, maximizing limited resources, and driving real impact. The landscape is shifting, and you need a space to explore creative solutions alongside passionate peers facing similar struggles.


That's where Museum Minds comes in.


This monthly virtual meetup brings together museum leaders from diverse backgrounds - art, science, history, children's museums and more. Led by cross-discipline veterans Beth Housewert and Rani Robison, it's a dynamic platform to:


  • Tackle your biggest pain points through thought-provoking discussions and collaborative problem-solving

  • Discover cutting-edge approaches to visitor engagement, exhibits, programming and operations  

  • Stay ahead of trends and disruptions impacting the museum world

  • Gain fresh perspectives and insights from outside your traditional sphere

  • Connect with a vibrant community striving to elevate the museum experience


Museum Minds is no ordinary meetup.


With Beth and Rani's decades of expertise infused with energy and humor, every session is highly interactive and engaging. You'll participate in case studies, exercises and lively dialogue - not just passive listening.


If you're ready to be challenged, inspired and recharged alongside brilliant museum minds united in a common purpose, join us for this cross-pollinating journey. Bridge silos, spawn new ideas and unlock the full potential of your institution.

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With over 20 years as a museum professional, Beth is passionate about helping nonprofits and museums find guiding principles for education and engagement. Start-ups and museums undergoing redevelopment often face challenges with direction, confidence, and organizational change. Through coaching and mentoring, Beth empowers teams and staff, fostering their own ideas and building internal strength. Alongside her work in the museum world, Beth's nurturing spirit extends to her role as a reliable pet sitter and dog walker.



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With a long-standing career in the nonprofit and arts sectors, Rani excels at helping mission-driven organizations amplify their voices through strategic marketing solutions and elevated branding design. What truly sets her apart, however, is her understanding of the power of storytelling. She has a knack for uncovering the unique narratives and then translating those stories into compelling visuals, copy, and experiences that forge lasting connections with audiences. Beyond her professional realm, Rani's creative spirit shines through her passion for photography, her love of the culinary arts, and her curiosity about exploring new corners of the world.



We're half way through 2024!  🎉

For this month's session, we'll be hosting a roundtable of guests who will be sharing their year's hits and misses so far this year - from marketing, partnerships, fundraising, and more.

Be ready to share your stories as well!

If you're new to Museum Minds, get ready for an interactive platform with:

💡 Insightful content
👨‍💻 Networking opportunities
🤓 Q&A sessions
🖼 Passionate museum veterans leading the way

See you there!
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